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tv   Stossel  FOX News  March 30, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> go fat kid. >> bullies are on the playgrounds but they are in government. governments get huge force. knotted just the police and military 10 million government bureaucrats get to use force, too. they ban drugs that might save your life. >> solt pult are goes to die because of this. they make kids cry saying you have no dhois choice in your education. >> if a businesses wants to
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deliver products there the government says no. >> they confiscate your stuff and keep it. >> flatted screen tv to over votes. >> you can get a toy or something that's the way you get it. >> government bullies that's our show tonight. >> with you stabbed withed f-d-a-mentd thaurlgs goodness for the fda. they make sure that drug companies don't sell dangerous drugs or drugs that don't work. one drug company said the drug had pure morning sickness and pregnant women and it usually did.
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but then when women took it they gave birth to children with no arms or legs. it happened in europe but not in america because the fda hadn't yet approved it. thank goodness for the fda protecting us. today they are a bureaucratic obstacle. getting it approved takes 4 billion and takes up to 16 years. that caution kills people, too. they proudly announced this heart drug we are approving will save thousands a year. >> didn't this also kill 14,000 people last year by delaying its approval? no reporter asked that because reporters don't think that way. if the drug could save thousands of people but wasn't approved
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that year 14,000 americans died because of that delay. regulation can kill, too. dennis kucinich said this regulation is good and there should be more of the this. >> i am not making such a broad statement. we have to be careful about this to make sure people are not going to be at risk from taking drugs that they have side effects. >> if something is reported and goes to the fda you disagree that the delay kills people, too? >> delays can cause problems. because of exactly what you said in recent years the food and drug administration has changed the way it does business by putting new programs forward by
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accelerated approval77 for fas track projects. >> faster track but it is still slow. >> why didn't it my body my choice? if i am dying why can't i take anything? >> the government in the end we have to be responsible. >> you don't agree the fda should be voluntary should be our choice? >> the regulation is necessary. each of us has a power to make choices. the fda provide informationdu a result of the process. >> the fda says you may not take this. they can't get the drug. >> they can't say don't take this but they can stop it from getting to the marketed. this is a fact.
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we don't want anybody betting hurt. you bring it to market people can't dak it. you just watch the movie "the dallas fire clubs." >> it makes the point. >> for those of you didn't see the movie matthew mcconaughey is told he has aids will be dead in 30-days so he wants to try drugs like act by he says my cure him but the doctor says no you cannot. >> none have been approved the fda. >> stcrew the fda. i am doa. >> it is his body. why should the government stand in the way? >> if there are cases in which individual benefits can be obtained by a drug that's not approved the fda. no it is up to the person to
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make a decision whether they want access to it. oo sue sometimes you have to go to mexico or europe? you can't get it in america. >> sometimes people have to go out of the country to get things that the fda may not have approved. in not approving it there are reasons that deal with serious adverse health consequences for people taking a drug that hasn't gone through approval pros he is is. >> i think it should be our choice. let's hear from the other side. jim mcnear rehas two sons 15-year-old austin 12-year-old max. both have a form of muscular dystrophy that leads to eventual death. she is tried to get them into the fda trial that was testing the drugs they were told max could be in the study but austin could after 16 weeks she could see the
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drug was working. he can walk, he can dance. he can swim. but austin continues to get worse. >> jen mcnear rejoins us as well as the goldwater institute. people who are dying should have the right to try any drug even if it is not government approved. you heard the congressman. it is to protect you. >> what they are working on is an initiative where the states can give any one with a terminal illness the right to try an experimental drug before the fda approved it. usually a manufacturer discovers the drugs it will take 10, 15 years before it gets into the hands of the patient. >> if she wants it should she be able to getf.÷ it?
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this routight to try act passed parts of legislatures in several states. it didn't just breeze through. if you are dying you should be able to dtry something. >> it holds at 85 percent. this is a no brainer for people, john. everyone has a close friend who has suffered or died from cancer or other permnal illnesst. people know when mortality hangs in the balance they ought to have the right to try these potentially life saving drugs. no question. >> you heard about this new drug no idea if it would work you went to the study and they said what happened? >> this study was started with 12 boys in the united states. he qualified because he was ambulatory. austin was not already
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ambulatory. >> of the 12 in the test 10 showed marked improvements. >> all 12 are stable. nonambulatory had better function. >> stable is a good thing, this has been two and a half years and this disease causes deterioration. >> one thing that is certain about duschenes people don't get better they don't stay stable. they get worse. these kids were chosen because they were about to stop walking. >> they all stopped, they all stayed alive. >> timprovement in your younger son is miraculous. >> it is the most amazing thing i have ever seen. he was supposed to be in a wheelchair. he is 12 and a half. he is now helping to take care of his brother who is dying. watching his brother get better. >> 15-year-olds are in general angry 125-year-olds -- 15 earl d
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earled-year-olds betrayed by the government are even angrier. he wants to try the drug. >> what are they thinking? >> what they are doing is an abomination. fast track called gresiva. they discovered it and thought this is a miracle drug. we are going to fast track it so people can get it right away. that fast track took seven years from the time it started to the time it was able to get into patient's hands 30,000 people died. >> there's an attitude in government that we are the bullies we have to decide for you. a oo i am not sure sometimes what they think about this. jen can tell this. she is met face to face with the commissioner. we are working on your problem. are you a mother?
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>> they don't argue. >> they don't appear to see that every day that goes by is a loss of function for these boys. i can't count the number we have lost. they are now using the ability to use his arm. 2 and a half years of a fully completely space there isn't a single side effect. t talk about the fdi protecting you. there is no off target effect. >> the doctors will argue shoco see we it first? if we go off and take the drug it won't be sure. >> they are immoral at this point. when you are talking about patients with a erm terminal illness we know what will happen if they get a placebo. this is an immoral way to test for efficacy of the drugs.
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>> the baseline assumption should be we own our body. we should get him. >> i think the issue is like the american debt. 75 percent of the people say they want it solved. the political system has lots of problems. they won'tp necessarily reeffe what they want. >> thank you for sharing yao you are story. to keep the conversation. please join the debate. coming up all right or choose where your child goes to the school. >> but we get to stake your stuff. >> there's some limitations ton it.
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>> you ever been accused of a crime. at least in america the law says you are innocent unless proven guilty. police can't lock you up or confiscate your stuff unless you
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are convicted. government bullies found a way around the law. say you don't trust banks. you carry cash. >> they can cease it without ever taking you to court. police departments around the country have discovered this is a good way to raise money. >> from flat screen tv's you name it they got it. >> it gets you a toy you need. >> pennies from heaven. actually more than a million dollars confiscated each year and often the police auction it off. they usually keep what they like. this is a scam sayserz ethan wh runs americans for forfeiture. >> they are grabbing the stuff from bad guys and saving the tax
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payer money on police equipment. >> law enforcement ceases your property kowithout convicting y have a crime. >> he can fight in court to get it back. >> yes, but it is not like a criminal case. he is not entitled to the protections you have in a criminal case. it's a civil case. that means government usually has the upper hand. >> he has to prove it is legally there. that can cost him 10,000 in legality f legal fees. the government can cease your property bankrupt you or force you to give up your legal rights your constitutional rights and keep your money. >> wrone police department used the money to buy a margarita machine. i gather most of the time it is used for police dwiment. >> morse of the time. this is the money used for
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finances and mill tear sgliezat law enforcement. developing the country. >> most people when they lose property they have no idea this can happen in america. one business owner sold a truck to a man on credit but before he was paid in pull and transferred the title the man he sold it to was pulled over and charged with driving under the influence. the businessman wasn't responsible for that but the police kept his truck anyway. he couldn't believe it. >> the truck done nothing. this is my money. why are you taking my money? i have never had a traffic ticket. >> they know better? >> the government doesn't need anything but suspicion to cease the property and keep it to themselves. >> i like this picture of a car the police planting their
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forfeiture. it used to be am,drug dealer's car now it is ours. >> it has turned into a massive revenue swing. after four years we still have drugs and drug dealers. the only thing forfeited was the right to property and liberty. >> and the police are richer? >> this is a multi built dollar revenue stream. >> the couple years ago he hired himself as outside contractor to the prosecutor's office to do the forfeiture. he would keep 25 percent of the total on contingency basis. >> he was finally caught and punished for doing that. >> they suspended his license
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they would pay 1 shun,000 he should have been disbarred and prosecuted. >> companies buy luxury vehicles in america and ship them to china. business. >> customs says this is legal. the secret service says no it's not. >> under that they say they can have aggressive force to take vehicles. they shalling do no more than countries of china and russia where they work more. this is 10's of millions of dollars where companies are doing more than exporting them. >> customs says it is legal. >> yes. they have two law enforcement agencies two federal law enforcement agencies. one has a direct financial incentive saying it's one way another it is not.q/
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their mission is to protect the country and the currency. >> we tried to ask them on the web site it shows missouri police chief defending civil forfeiture. >> there are still limitations on it. actually there's not really on the forfeiture side. >> actually there's not really. >> it is revealing. >> ken burton talking about the pennies from heaven what he is talking about money that is supposed to go to education fund. but he has forfeiture dollars he got to spend it whoever he wants. the losers are the students and familys in missouri. >> you have discovered the wrath of government bullying?
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> in a young man was taught by a music teacher. bullys in government think they need to protect you from this. let's ask gary engel. what horrible thing have you done? >> music teaches like most professionals have a statement in their code of ethics that says they will respect colleague studios and won't recruit the students from this. them the this feels it is a
7:28 pm
violation of anti competitive antitrust laws. >> in theory i can see their point. they used to say that about contact lenses. you can't have ordinary people doing it we won't allow members to add ties prices. the fcc came in and said that's the monopoly once had he started contact prices fell from 400 where they were to 35 bucks. >> well, music teaches are making a bit more of a modest income than that. they make $30 for an hour lesson. >> they decided this is what they should focus on comes after you and you can't really fight the government?
7:29 pm
>> right. it is impossible. we are a small organization have a small budget. >> you sign a consent order to say we won't do anything wrong then they ask you to do onerous things for 20-years. >> exactly. we have to establish an antitrust education program for state president leadership. we have to appoint an antitrust compliance officer. we have to require all 500 plus of our local associations and our state associations to sign a certification they don't have anything in their governing documents that would be considered competitive. >> anti bureaucracy. >> it's like this trust busting
7:30 pm
is becoming a bank buster for áñ us. >> but it is good for the lawyers. thank you gary engel. good luck to you. >> thank you very much, john. >> the fcc is one more champ of a largely use will feel government agency that only grows. began with 144 employees. now it has 12,000. they grow and you pay for them. when i started consumer reporting i thought the federal trade admission that's where i should go for consumer information. they were supposed to go to the consumer complaints but usually the bureaucrats didn't answer the phone. in theory breaking up monopolies is a rule for government. in today's economy you don't find a monopoly. the government spent 13 years prosecuting the idea before deciding gee i guess it is not a
7:31 pm
monday mopcal -- monopoly. it is wrong when they claimed repeal all government barriers to the entry. a it's a pup tid mull. what protects them is combi tiggs. the government gets out of the way next my newírñ mayor in the government. he wants to bully parents in thanking their kids to his. ununion niez the government one school. >> the my mayor too bad.
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john: i'd l >> let me introduce you to bill deblasio. i think he's a cruel small minded bully. he repeatedly attacked a woman who runs a charter school. >> she has to stop being tolerated. i have seen here school have a destructive impact on the schools they are going to. >> kids there were learning happily. i challenged them saying isn't reading and writing hard work? >> they gave me answers like this. >> reading is work but it's rocking awesome. >> the charter school kids look forward to going to school in the morning. they do something right. other schools are lousy.
7:37 pm
after attending charter school those kids get test scores that are the best in the state. >> he saw similar ry run schools when on the washington, d.c. city council. now he runs a pro charter school grope. he said both of us are wrong he is on the board of new york public school and he's a big supporter of government controlled school. charter enough? >> not enough. in recent rollbacks he rolled back5 three out of 17 charters. >> he allowed many others. est that true. >> it is not against charters it should be but it isn't. >> why? is some of the charters don't great. >> the issue is, we have this issue in new york city where you get locations where you put schools together with unequal
7:38 pm
resources different kids and tell them to compete. what you get is winners and losers. in our case ms. moscow wits is the bully. >> how is she a bully? she is teaching the kids. >> she was trying to push outtatis tick kids, kids who are severely and emotionally disturbed. >> she was trying to get space. >> deblasio put a stop it it. >> i know this isn't your city. let's try to broaden the national audience. >> no other country in the world could try to cut down schools that, would. they don't allow government bullies to mess with what is working. they don't alilow these situations to proliferate. >> i am a school board;mp vice president part of harlem the
7:39 pm
upper west side. every time she comes to a building she gets bullied by the most vulnerable kid. >> she has 15,000 kids on a waiting list that want to go to her school. >> you are a democrat who doesn't like her. your father is a union leader and you have a bias against people who criticize teachers unions. >> she is pushing these people out. she gets the money the other schools who do badly get. good for her home run raising it. she has no power. >> this is about government -- our kids is ps 149. 15 percent of whom are homeless. 20 percent have high special needs. 15 percent are ell's. excuse me. she doesn't take any of those kids now. >> she takes kids by lottery.
7:40 pm
>> the lottery is a sham then she moves them out. >> that's not true. when you talk about all of the kids it's a color that are dropping out of the public schools. you have a lifeline with some of the charter schools. it's not just -- >> let me tell you something. all of the schools service the kids when otherwise they wouldn't get the surfaces they need. >> it is the best for kids. no one lifts up the kids. >> this 5th grade class she touts as the number one in the state. not own -- even close. that class started out with 100 kids. you know how many kids i have got today? 51. where do you think the other 49 went? why don't you think they are gone. i tell you why they are not going to give they are the high
7:41 pm
performing skills. am that makes all the difference in the world. charter school, private school, magnet school, prep schools. we are school that is working. i represent 1 information public school parents. only 50,000 weighting list>> you tell me why she had such a big waiting list. she had a 15 hu,500 person wait list and she couldn't fill the class. >> invest in public schools and make sure every -- >> we have invested 20,000 per students in new york. no we haven't. we don't know 250841.
7:42 pm
say we are not in need and the government monopoly. you may say that but the bottom line aren't church. you are under if you hadding that school. rig >> let's introduce them. now they say charter schools are good. >> that's why 15,000 pounds i will point this ever vau joy who received 8 thun,000 in contributions. >> there's no greater contributor than american politics than the teacher's union. >> what about that? >> there's no bigger
7:43 pm
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>> suppose you are in a remote area and suddenly you have a beer. it would be great if they could deliver it via drone. this could id happen. the technology is here. bullies in the federal government said this must stop. why? adam oh who researches digital privacy. why did they say stop? >> our government fears what the drones might be utilized for. they have an image problem. we think of drones overseas in nefarious things to rain death and destructions above. people are lieutenant liesing in
7:48 pm
court told them they would i also have to she. we can toll with those other more ch a mother may i off course. >> if it's commercial, if you make money, then you can. >> that's right reek yagsnal juice is again really allowed right now. the fda is tracking down then d thenneding letters. >> 17 disease and desist letters they would deliver. father, xhrs comthey are using
7:49 pm
it to look other things. monitoring forest fires or pollution. it's flower delivery dby drone. place your horred they write down the cord gnats while your o is boxed. a drone is fired up and then up up and waway over the trees a couple working lots to a nvtment i po the fact that she wasn't mñ lonnie they triered she is and de success. he must have been and they went off of other film companies. they use throwns to monitor
7:50 pm
professional players. >> as exciting when bouquet dach us likep, cher let's stick wit safety. okay let's talk about safety. every year over 35,000 americans die in vehicle crashings in this country. that is a huge things. this would be these things are not taken ask the the short term objectives they are designed to deal with. >> only about the possible thank that could go wrong where they could be blamed is our brains can't image all of the good that come ts out. >> living in year i help threat
7:51 pm
cool.7jtdñ innovation dies when you live in near of high classed sken nature you. look at the faa rules only one commercial business and the arct arctic he has to have a certified aircraft athey would come to town and help you if you ]vot to get her mission over these things. you give up entirely or have team to come to dc. >> they are proud of their constructionism. on the web site knit number 6 dmer that will drun. congress told the faa to come up are he>> it will effect
7:52 pm
america's competitiveness. they are reducing drifts. farmers use it to pest. >> we' lou american invnovators have done this bless can from a bure kralt where you don't think of it as mer shap delivery and homes. he has a book you will>> to only to why do they tick the victim? [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't?
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>> this is used to prevent an >> this is used to prevent an attack. don't you find value in preventing an attack. >> diane fine stein was quick to defend government spying until oops she learned the government also spied on her. >> i have grave concerns the cia search may well have violatede the power principles embodied in the united states constitution. >> now she has concerns.
7:57 pm
>> not hard to grasp the philosophy behind her two positions. >> she doesn't mind they may be looking at your stuff. it's your stuff (bleep). but her stuff (bleep)e!yx is st. >> that's often how they work. they are eager to push others around if they are in the in crowd doing the pushing. you see it on the playground. >> go fat kid. >> when a bully abuses a fat kid others do it, too. this is about people's wish to be long to the group that holds power. they even say the victims need to be bullied. why did do they kick the bullies? >> he likes it. >> i doubt that. there are only two-ways to do things in life voluntarily lee or through force.
7:58 pm
government is force. we need force. the worst places to live are countries that don't have that. an african country where you are afraid to build a factory because mobs may steal what you make. no one builds everyone stays poor. it is good america has government force in the form of military that defends us from foreign attack. courts that ensure. contracts are honored. environmental rules that punish a supporter. that's about it. our government already goes way beyond that which is why we have 22 million people working for government. 22 they demand growns it must
7:59 pm
sell cars only through governme government keystone forbid me from selling lemonade and punished 10-year-olds from doing what kids have always done. government bullies force us to butt ethanol in our cars punish family try to protect jailed more of our people than even china and russia. in a kaks sis them most of us have to heel specialists. government to so baying it has 22 million employees. voluntary is better than sports. free is better than coerced. we are better off when government is small and
8:00 pm
government is even less free. that's our show. see you next week. i would like to include your voice when i can. huckabee is next. tonight on huckabee, a judge gives perm neanent custody of tr daughter to the state of massachusetts. college football players allowed to form a union. >> i am taking a stand. >> big- time college programs. and getting a piece of the pie. >> and gwyneth ethpaltrow's conscious uncoupling and charlie daniels tells us how it is. and shoes how it is


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